Library Computer Use

How to use the library computers:

If you have a Doniphan-Ripley County Library card and your account is in good standing, then just create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at the front desk.  After you select a PIN and it is entered at the desk, you can use any computer by entering your library card number as user name and PIN as password.

About your PIN: The PIN is your password to keep others from using your card number to access our computers. The PIN number must be 4 digits that you choose. If you forget your PIN, we can reset it.  Do not give your PIN to anyone.  You must register on the computer under your own name.

If you are visiting we can provide you with a temporary computer pass, photo ID is required.

Computer time is limited to 3 hours per day. A study computer for school work with an extended time limit is available at Doniphan.  The library computers are available to the public and all patrons should use caution when transmitting personal information. Patrons should always sign out or log off of all websites.

The Doniphan-Ripley County Library has computers for public use in all of our branches. The use of these computers is governed by our Computer Use Policy (below). Both Doniphan and Naylor have Wi-Fi access during library hours.  The same library card number and PIN are used to access Wi-Fi.  You cannot print from Wi-Fi.

You may print from our public computers, black and white 10 cents per page or color 25 cents. You must pay for all pages before printing. Ask for staff assistance with printing questions.


Wifi usage at the library:

The Doniphan-Ripley County Library now offers FREE wireless Internet access at both Doniphan and Naylor for library patrons to use with their own personal laptops and other mobile devices.

To use our wireless service you need a current Doniphan-Ripley County Library card in good standing. Access requires the same library card number and PIN that are used for the library computers.  If you are visiting we can provide you with a temporary wireless pass, photo ID is required. 

Our computer and Internet connection use is governed by our Computer Use Policy and our Internet Safety Policy.

What Do I Need To Access The Wireless Network?

You need a laptop or other mobile device that is equipped with an 802.11b/n compatible wireless device. See the Connection Tips below.

Library staff can provide general information and handouts for connecting your device to our wireless network and will assist you with the connection but the library cannot guarantee that your device will work with the library’s wireless connection.

How Do I Connect?

In most cases, you should be able to connect with our wireless network by simply turning on your device and scanning for the network or opening up a browser to start. Details on configuring your device for a wireless network may vary depending upon specific models and operating systems. For specific information on how to configure or troubleshoot your wireless connection, you will need to refer to your device’s documentation.

Is It Secure?

No. Public wireless networks are not secure. If your device has a firewall it should be enabled.

We do not guarantee the security of patron computers or data while they are using our wireless service.

Is There A Time Limit?

Yes, a 3 hour per day limit.

Can I Print While Connected to WiFi?

No. Printing is only available from our public computers.

Connection Tips:

  • Device should be 802.11b/n compatible
  • Configure your wireless device to obtain an IP address and DNS server address automatically
  • Our ESSID/SSID is: Doniphan Library or Naylor Library
  • WEP encryption should be Disabled
  • Connection should be set for Infrastructure mode or Access Point – NOT Ad-Hoc
  • A warning that the access point is not secure will appear.  Click on continue.  Our login page should appear.
  • Disable pop-up blocker temporarily – the session timer & logout window is a pop-up




The computer terminals and internet access stations at each library are intended to make the resources of the internet easily available to the library patrons and to help all library patrons become familiar with computers.

  1. Library Staff shall have priority use at any time, including when the equipment is otherwise in use by a library patron. 



The following restrictions upon use of the computer equipment shall apply to all patron users:

  1. All users must sign in and out using the CASSIE system.  It is necessary to sign out of the CASSIE system when finished.  If a user does not have a valid library card or authorization the user shall first obtain such card or authorization before use of the equipment.
  2. Use by patrons shall be on a first come, first use basis.  The CASSIE system restricts users to 30 minute periods that will extend to 3 hours if no one is waiting for computers.  IT IS AGAINST LIBRARY POLICY TO USE ANY LIBRARY CARD OR TEMPORARY CARD THAT IS NOT YOURS.  The person logged in must be the same as the person sitting at the computer.
  3. No patron shall attempt to modify the equipment setup established by the library staff, load computer virus programs or to otherwise hack into areas under password control.
  4. No patron shall use the equipment to display on the system monitor:
    1. Any image which would be considered legally obscene under the definitions set forth in Section 573.010 RSMo.
    2. Any image depicting actual or simulated, normal or perverted acts of human masturbation; deviate sexual intercourse; sexual intercourse; or physical contact with a person’s clothed or unclothed genitals, pubic area, buttocks, or the breast of a female in an act of apparent sexual stimulation or gratification or any sadomasochistic abuse or acts including animals or any latent objects in an act of apparent sexual stimulation or gratification;
    3. Any image depicting post-pubertal human genitals or pubic area, or the breast of a female person, with less than a fully opaque covering; provided, however, that works of art or of anthropological significance shall not be deemed to be within the foregoing prohibition.
  1. No patron with outstanding fines over $3.00 or library materials more than 3 months overdue may use the computers.
  2. No patron shall download files via the internet which take more than 30 minutes to download.
  3. Anything printed out on the library’s printers will be charged at the rate of 10 cents per page for black and white and 25 cents per page for color.



Any library patron under the age of 18 years and over the age of 10 years may connect to and use the installed internet browser program to access the internet upon the following conditions:

  1. All users under 18 years must have on file with the front desk an Internet Access Authorization Form signed by their parent or legal guardian before they will be allowed access to the computer equipment. 
  2. No patron who is under the age of eighteen years shall use the equipment to display on the system monitor:
    1. any image which would violate the policy of the library if the image was downloaded or displayed by an adult patron.
    2. any image which would be “Pornographic for minors”, as defined in Section 573.010 RSMo.  As used in this policy, words shall have the meanings given under the provisions of Chapter 573 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.
  3. All other adult policies apply to minors.



Any user who violates the provisions of these policies or any other duly enacted policy of the District or any direct order of a library staff member may be prohibited from using the computer equipment by order of the Library Director.  Any library staff member may prohibit the use of the equipment by any person at any time until the prohibition is reviewed by the Library Director, who may confirm, extend, or terminate the period of suspension of use.